Highlights from Wipro’s 2019 survey of 1,400 global executives

Wipro Digital recently surveyed 1,400 executives from nine countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) about their digital transformation. Working with Coleman Parkes Research, Wipro Digital identified the most common barriers to transformation success for these global enterprises. The full press release is available here, with a focus on U.S. data, and you can download the full report using the form at the right. (This page is also available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, if you prefer to read in those languages.) Highlights from the global results include:

Sponsorship and Business Alignment are Challenges

Respondents noted multiple barriers to success: 54 percent cited inconsistent sponsorship from senior leadership; 56 percent selected not being able to train their existing teams to change or use new technology, methods or processes; and 55 percent indicated needing better alignment with business stakeholders.

leader Alignment

Technology Barriers Grow Over Time

The longer a company has been on its transformation journey, the more technology becomes a challenge. Twenty-one percent of executives with journeys less than two years cite technology as a barrier, compared to 30 percent of executives whose journey has lasted two or more years.

Barriers Change

Additional data is available in the full report, which can be downloaded using the form to the right.

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